Daughters of the Sea - An Emily Riggs Bridal Campaign Shoot

The bridal gowns that designer Emily Riggs has been painstakingly handcrafting out of her home in Portland, Oregon for brides all over the world caught my eye a few years back. Her attention to detail and passion for her craft become tangible in every single gown that she creates. It is this passion and standard of excellence in what she does that resonates with me as the artist and the photographer that I am. From the time I started Beloved, it has been my mission to ensure my clients have the best images possible. Emily Riggs bridal gowns are perfectly in line with that mission.

To showcase a few gowns from her latest collection, Label One, we hit the road and adventured west to a remote location along Oregon’s beautiful coastline. We battled with timing of this shoot though because there was a massive thunderstorm that arrived the same time we did. With the storm came torrential rain and rough water along the shoreline which prevented us from safely reaching our photo shoot location until low tide which didn’t happen until way late in the day. Eventually the storm cleared and we were finally able to make use of the few short hours of light left to capture these portraits before sunset. It was a mad dash over the rocky shoreline and even through a tunnel underneath a small eroded section of land.

This shoot would not have been possible if it weren’t for Emily and the incredibly talented crew that came together to make it happen! A big thank you to everyone involved in making this shoot such a success!

Bridal Gowns - Emily Riggs / Hair and Makeup - Kendahl Robarts / Rings - Susie Saltzman / Florals - By Kay Studio / Models - Muse Management

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