I am now Beloved.

Hello again everyone! 

I am sure you are all noticing the major change here with my portfolio and I wanted to make a more formal statement regarding my business name change. 

When I first started my company, it was then known as Beloved. This transformed into Beloved Weddings then into Beloved Photo Boutique and once more into Matthew Alvarado Photography. This might seem a little wacky to some but the creative side of my mind loves to be fluid. The fact is, things do change and if I am not happy with something, I will continually mold it until I am. Funny thing though is that the brand name that I started off with when I first began my journey is what I have circled back to. Its a beautiful word, romantic and strong. A perfect representation of my work within the realm of weddings. 

So, officially Matthew Alvarado Photography Co is no longer and I am now simply "Beloved". Again. 

For those current clients wondering how this name change would affect their upcoming weddings, it doesn't. The only things changed are the brand name, some back end stuff like my web address, email, my bank account name, oh and I will need to re-order those business cards and re-brand a few of my products. :) 

Thank you everyone for your continued support of my works behind the camera. I love you all. You are Beloved. 


Matthew Alvarado


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