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“She made gentle the wild oceans of my soul.”




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"It takes a lot for me to cry tears of joy but when I got our engagement shoot photos back this morning I fully ugly happy cried. Matt Alvarado is a master of his craft. From our consultation to the actual shoot itself, he has a true gift. Neither my fiance or I have gotten professional photos done... ever... so we were completely clueless! He held our hand throughout the entire process and made us feel so comfortable. We pretty much forgot a camera was right there after the first few minutes! He directed ideas and had us try things I would have never thought to otherwise and the dreamlike results speak for themselves."

Matt + Edie 


"Best in class photography hands down. Not only the most professional team, but the most genuine team. Matt went above and beyond in every ounce of measure to ensure we were pleased. We weren't. We were blown away! There is no other photographer or professional who could ever come close when capturing your moments or your heart!"

Jericho + Laurel